Zwei Amerikanische Bekannte von mir im Chat über die Fähigkeiten ihrer Landsleute im Umgang mit den dort unbeliebten Kreisverkehren:

[J] US drivers don’t understand them, for some reason
[J] in the UK, they have roundabouts everywhere
[J] They’ll take a straight up intersection (where we would have stop signs, or even all-way stop signs) and stick a post in the middle and call them a roundabout
[J] and everyone just … goes around
[J] it’s all those “polite” british drivers 😉
[J] HERE, if you tried the round-a-3-foot-post roundabout … three people would drive over the post from different directions at the same time, and the car fire would burn it to the ground …. on the first weekend
[S] Which is why most roundabouts in the US are VERY decorative, have a huge center (to go around)…AND there are warning signs “Roundabout Ahead”
[S] with a diagram of how to drive through it