Da ist er hin, der Gallardo Polizia

Lamborghini Gallardo police car crashes

Lamborghini Gallardo Polizia
Some time ago, Lamborghini announced with much fanfare their “donation” of a Gallardo patrol car to the Italian police. That same Polizia-liveried Lamborghini Gallardo was destroyed after the police officer driving the supercar crashed into two parked cars. The accident took place following an exhibition where Italian police had the car on display, apparently in an event promoting road safety.

Local newspaper reports have sourced an official police statement claiming that the officer driving the Lamborghini swerved to avoid a car exiting a petrol station. The speed at which they were travelling is unspecified, although we could make some guesses.

Both police officers in the car were injured, with the driver suffering a ruptured vertebra and broken ribs. The pair were taken to the hospital, and should recover.

Tja, was soll man sagen?
Den Lambo hatt die italienische Polizei übrigens, zusammen mit einem weiteren, von Lamborghini geschenkt bekommen.

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